The Maginot Line - A misunderstood history

Canon AC Mle 1934 37mm

Anti-tank gun

The 37mm anti-tank gun was primarily used in first generation casemates built in 1930-31. The reason for this was that the 47mm gun (Canon AC Mle 1934 47mm) was too big to fit in the casemate firing chambers, which were less than 3 meters deep.

37mm Antitank Gun Model 1934
Total weight142 kg
Armour penetration60mm/30° at 400 meters
Rate of fire25 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity880 m/sec

The 37mm anti-tank gun was suspended on a carriage attached to a rail mounted to the ceiling of firing chambers in casemates or infantry combat blocks of ouvrages. This permitted the crew to slide the gun back and forth in order to swap the anti-tank gun for a JM.

Of the several models of 37mm guns issued to the French Army in the 1930’s, the Mle 1934 had the best performance.