The Maginot Line - A misunderstood history

Canon AC Mle 1934 47mm

Anti-tank gun

This capable anti-tank gun was used in large numbers (339) in casemates and infantry blocks of ouvrages. The gun was suspended on a carriage attached to a rail mounted to the ceiling of the firing chamber which allowed the crew to slide the gun back and forth in order to swap the AT (anti-tank) gun for a JM.

47mm Antitank Gun Model 1934
¹ When a modern solid shot shell was used. Older armour piercing shells had inferior performance.
Total weight330 kg
Armour penetration80/30° at 400 meters¹
Rate of fire25 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity880 m/sec

Unfortunately for the French, German tanks were never at the receiving end of this formidable gun.

Today, examples of this gun can be seen at (among others): PO La Ferté, GO Simserhof, and GO Schoenenbourg.

There are reports that moving this gun into it’s embrasure had to be done with care.