The Maginot Line - A misunderstood history

Canon-obusier 75mm Mle 1933

Gun-howitzer (casemate mounted)

Designed to arm the huge 75mm model 1933 gun turrets, this howitzer made use of the same barrel as the model 1932.

The mount of this gun differed from the model 1932 in a number of ways. First of all, the large platform of the model 1932 was replaced by two smaller ones given the limited amount of space inside a turret. The other problem that had to be tackled was that the muzzle(-s) could not protrude from the very small embrasures, and so the decision was taken to move the floating pivot all the way to the muzzle of the barrel.

The mount of the 75mm model 1932 was large. The construction that was used for the model 1933 for placement in casemates for the Alpine fortifications was even larger. It measured a whopping 2,5 metres in height, and almost 3 metres in length.

75mm gun-howitzer model 1933 (turret mounted)
Barrel length1,14m
Elevation-9 to +40°30
Rate of fire12 to 24 rpm
Max. range11,9 km
75mm gun-howitzer model 1933 (turret)
Barrel length1,14m
Elevation-2 to +40°
Rate of fire12 to 24 rpm
Max. range11,9 km

Casemates instead of turrets were chosen for some of the some Alpine ouvrages, because it was economically and technically not feasible to install them.
Eventually, eight were placed. After the surrender of France, the Italians removed all the guns from the casemates.

Not a single one of them exists nowadays, all of them believed to be destroyed at their storage place in Italy by Allied bombardments.