The Maginot Line - A misunderstood history

75mm turret model 1905 with mixed weapons (AM's)

Two canon AC Mle 1934 25mm each combined with two MAC Mle 1931 machine guns

The economic crisis in the 1930'ties hit France hard, just like the rest of the world. In order to save money, some ouvrages of the Nouveaux Fronts build from 1934 on (on the left flanks of the SF de Lauter and SF Metz) were equipped with turrets which were originally destined for forts build before 1914. But due to the erupting war, 16 of these 75mm Model 1905 (with short barrelled guns) turrets were placed in storage.

The plan was carried out to equip twelve of these turrets with two AM weapons each.

75mm turret model 1905 with mixed weapons (AM’s)
Side armour 18,5 cm
Roof armour 28,5cm
Weight of moving parts 88,6 tons
Weight of fixed parts 46,8 tons
Total weight of turret 135,4 tons
Number installed 12

However, extensive modifications had to be carried out before they were placed. For example, a periscopic sight had to be installed so that the crew on the intermediate level could observe the surroundings. The ammunition hoists for the 75mm shells had to be replaced by new ones for the 'camemberts' and the anti-tank shells, and so forth.

The upper level or firing room of this manually operated turret (rather spacious compared to others) housed two AM weapons, which were operated by six men: two gunners (seated below the guns) and two loaders per gun. Both guns could slightly traverse in relation to the turret: a unique feature.