The Maginot Line - A misunderstood history

One more website...

Birth of an idea

Potent brew

The author Let me start by saying I’m an enthousiast, not an expert. I’m a webdesigner by profession who happens to have a lot of interest for this subject. It was fun building this site.

The reason why I started working on this site is because I came to the conclusion that quite a lot of information (in English) was widely scattered on the www.

Also, numereous sites on this subject are in French. Unfortunately, hardly any of these sites offer an English version of their content.
Add to that the fact that I have always felt I had to do something with this interest/energy, and behold!
There you have a potent brew of reasons to let (another...) Maginot site see the light.

The spark

For years, interest for the line popped up every now and then but remained low-level. Even a visit to Hackenberg in 2008 could not spark the enthousiasm that was needed to build this site. What really ’got me going‘ was the discovery of a book by Frank Philippart in a local bookstore. Great find!

Some months later, I had my own collection of books on the subject. Most of them in French (which I can hardly read...). What makes it worthwhile having these books (especially the ones by Hohnadel and Mary) are the enormous amount of illustrations and vintage pictures. Really really interesting...

Let us not forget...

Quite a lot of volunteers have put enormous amounts of time and dedication into restoring a lot of casemates and ouvrages. They have made it possible to visit these sites and experience a living piece of history (well...sort of). I find that fascinating. A big round of applause for all those folks. I hope that this site will contribute (in whatever way possible) to more visitors of all those sites/places.