The Maginot Line - A misunderstood history

FM 1924/1929

Light machine gun (7.5mm)

This popular and reliable weapon was used in almost every ouvrage and interval casemate. The weight was almost nine kilo’s. It was gas operated and air-cooled.

FM 1924/1929
Magazine capacity25 rounds
Range2000 m
Rate of fire200 to 500 rounds/minute
Muzzle velocity820 m/sec

The manufacturer - d'Armes de Châtellerault - proposed this light machine gun in 1924. Similar to the Browning automatic rifle, or BAR, it was capable of both semi-automatic and full automatic fire

A two-trigger mechanism provided the different modes of fire. Automatic fire could be activated via the rear trigger and semi-automatic fire (single shots) by the front trigger.